Answering your questions about the Water Fed Pole window cleaning method

Updated: May 23, 2020

Hi Everybody,

This is Nathan from XL Window Cleaning. This is the first of a monthly blog series answering common questions about the services we offer. Sometimes we might even talk about other things!

A lot of the questions I get from new customers are regarding the WFP (Water Fed Pole) method of window cleaning.

“Why is my window wet when you’ve finished?”

“It’s just water, how is it cleaning them?”

Just a couple of the questions I get quite regularly. So I thought for this very first post we could talk about 1) How WFP works? and 2) It’s benefits.

The most important part of of the process is the water we use. It isn’t just tap water, it is produced to be absolutely pure and clean water. Ordinary tap water is full of sediments and minerals. It’s these parts in the water that cause spots and streaks when tap water is left to dry on glass. The water we use is purified to remove all of these sediments and bits which cause the windows to look dirty. After the water is purified, it sucks the dirt from the window and because there is nothing in this water, after the final rinse it will dry clear leaving your windows sparkling. I’ve had a few people ask if I took the glass out of their windows ... not really.

So that's why it is left wet, because it will dry cleaner than if we tried to dry the windows off with a cloth, as we would be putting contaminants onto the window.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a lot of effort to go to when a squeegee and ladder would do the same job. But there are a few important points to make. The first being that safety is paramount. It is much safer to use the WFP method than going up a ladder, especially in incliment weather. A wet ladder is a dangerous ladder.

The second point is that WFP does a superior job. Not only does WFP leave your glass gleaming, but the whole frame is cleaned including the sills and even the doors. This is at no extra cost to a traditional window cleaner. We will even come back to clean your windows free of charge if you are not happy with the job, that is how confident we are in the method!

Hopefully you’ve found this interesting and informative! If you have anymore questions, give us a ring on +447802752716 or email us at

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Thanks for reading! Nathan from XL

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